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Top frequently asked questions

Who manages the AdsOK investment portfolio?
Answer: The investment portfolio is managed by our specialists with strong team, which allows effective analysis of the situation in adsvertisment.

What do I need to do to become a client of AdsOK?
Answer: To become a client of AdsOK you need to open a free account. It does not take much time, but you will get an opportunity to become an investor and earn profit. Please check our Get Started page for more details.
Please note that, by agreeing to the Terms of Use during the registration procedure, you automatically confirm that you are legal age and using our platform by you do not violate any laws of your country.

How can I access the account?
Answer: If you are a registered user of AdsOK, please click the Login button at the top of the website then enter your username and password in the appropriate fields and click Log in button. You will be redirected to your account automatically as soon as you have the above. if you have not registered yet. you should Pass registration.

How secure is your website and my account data?
Answer: We have a wide range of security measure to protect your account. Our website is protected against DDoS attacks, all transferred data are SSL-encryped and we use a licensed script, also we are using a few of online security certificates, you are able to see most of them in our main page. Our website is located on a dedicated server.

I can not log in into my account. what could cause this problem?
Answer: Sometimes problems of this kind are caused by errors of your web browser. There is no reason to worry, you just need to wait a few minutes and then try to log in agian. Also you need to clean the cache of your web browser. If the problem persists, please contact our online assistant on the website, or send message to our customers support at [email protected]

Have not found the answer you were looking for?
Please contact us and we will answer any additional questions you might have.

Have not found the answer you were looking for?